And I thought I was a Dallas aficionado. Well I was and I watched every episode of the old and new. I spent 13 years of my life following the Ewings from 78-91 and I am so glad I did. Was the family dynamic a bit hokey? You bet but obviously it worked. Unless I missed something here, one of the obvious disadvantages that Cidre had in the redux was that she had only, what, 8 episodes per to develop characters and story lines where Leonard Katzman had 23 per season as well as others. There is a lot of synthesizing to be done here and I couldn’t do it to the extent that the people that commented here would want. I didn’t know how to feel when I heard this redux was coming back but once I started watching it I tried to tie the past to the future and in some ways that was a hard thing to do because I had forgotten a lot of the minute details from 23 years ago. As a matter of fact in 1991 I had forgotten minute details from 1978. It was a tough project here but I think it worked. I go back to when Christopher and John Ross were little kids and try to think would I have ever seen them growing up the way they were portrayed now? I don’t know. I tried very much to let this series stand on it’s own somewhat. I’m glad they brought Bobby, and Sue Ellen back. Great to see how many times Sue Ellen can fall off the wagon and be involved in a Southfork conflagration. I’m glad they were able to wrap up JR’s life and how in death he was almost as present as he was in life. When you think about it JR was much older than Jock was when he died and when Jim Davis died it opened up almost 2 seasons of story lines regarding him. His legend was larger than life. If Christopher, indeed, died at the end of this run then I go back to the first time Bobby was presented Christopher by Kristen Shepherds loser boy friend Jeff Faraday. Sad stuff huh? Wonder how Bobby would have taken that news. Did Sue Ellen ever find out about Christopher being her natural nephew?? Also I missed Sly..JR’s gatekeeper. In conclusion I just looked over the 78-91 cast list and there are a couple of hundred characters that appeared in that run. Tough to compete with but if they want to come back on another network or Netflix or wherever I will watch. If the audience is wanting more then you know it was well done.

Dallas Decoder

The end? The end?

TNT has cancelled “Dallas,” more than a week after the series concluded its third season.

The revival of the 1978-91 CBS classic got off to a promising start, debuting in June 2012 with almost 7 million viewers. Ratings dropped when TNT brought the series back the following winter in a tough time slot, a few months after the death of iconic star Larry Hagman.

The show’s stars took to Twitter tonight after TNT announced the news. “Thank all of you wonderful fans for your love and support for these past 3 seasons. We were just canceled. So sad!” wrote Linda Gray.

Tweeted Emma Bell: “Thank you for all the well wishes. It was an honor to be apart of @Dallas_TNT grateful to be a family with such a wonderful cast and crew!”

The “Dallas” writers have been penning scripts for a fourth season, in case the series was renewed…

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